Real Estate Loans Made Simple

Lend Some Money’s 3-Step Lending Process

We streamline everything to secure your funds quickly and easily. Complete real estate investment projects faster with our professional, expedited, no-hassle loan and move on to your next property.

  • Application.

    Our simple loan application requires just a brief financial history and some details on your investment.

  • Approval.

    Lend Some Money and our private lender immediately verify, review and approve your application upon receipt. As soon as it is approved, an appraisal will be conducted and the title opened. If your loan doesn’t fit our preferred lender’s criteria we will attempt to match you with another private money lender within our network to complete your loan.

  • Closing.

    After the title is opened and insurance binder gathered, just pay the deposit on the appraisal and you’ll be ready to invest!

  • It’s that simple. Get your real estate investment funded today.

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