Residential is Essential

A Positive Spin on the Current Market

Real estate agents and Realtors® alike are considered essential businesses. While the media, experts and gurus alike discuss a potential economic decline we’re choosing to focus on the positive. Here’s some potential we see for the residential market.

Our good friends and Realtors® located in the Midwest just posted three new listings this past week and received an accepted offer on a listing in just under a week on the market. The key? Affordable options. The job market will play a heavy factor in forcing people to relocate for new opportunities. The result will make house hunting not so much a luxury, but a necessity.

We’ll likely see the most affordable options being scooped up off the market first. This is great news for investors and flippers alike.  Make smart design decisions that provide functionality, aesthetic and keep your overhead costs low. Remember to market your listings across all your social media channels. We’re seeing a dramatic increase in social media usage while we all practice social distancing.

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