Top Design Trends from 2018

Predicted Trends for 2019

We can all thank Chip and Joanna Gains for introducing us to shiplap. A material that became widely popular to use during home remodeling. Here are some more recent trends from this past year, as well as trends to watch for in 2019.

1. The Metal Roof. This trend is quickly spreading across the country. While metal roofs cost more upfront they also are said to last 50 years or longer depending on the type of metal. This past year it became not only popular to choose a metal roof but to go with a bright or bold color such as a red, stark white or even blue.

2. The Color Purple. Designers predicted lavender as the “it” color for 2018 and Pantone’s color of the year for 2018 was a shade called ultra violet.

3. The Colored Kitchen. For the past few years white has been the go to color choice for kitchen remodels. In 2018 we started to move towards colored cabinetry and that included miss-matched uppers and lowers. In addition, we started to move away from stainless and brushed nickel and we brought back metal tones such as aged bronze, copper and rose gold.

4. The curvature. 2018 furniture trends started moving away from sharp edges to more curved couches and chairs. These relaxed lines give off a more organic feel.

5. The Wonders of Wallpaper. Wallpaper made a huge comeback this year. Pretty much anything goes when it comes to selecting wallpaper too, from geometric patterns and shapes to eye catching metallic and even nature inspired prints.

What’s in store for 2019? Here are three additional trends sources predict:

1. All Black Kitchens. All black materials including painted wood, metal and stone, then paired with decorative green plants, will give off a sophisticated and contemporary look. In addition, stainless is dying. In fact, we won’t see as many appliances because hiding them behind paneling or other materials is becoming popular again.

2. Technology. Mirrors that double as entertainment, lighting and even health tracking devices are expected to continue to be on the rise making their way from hotels to inside homes.

3. Clean and Clear. Upper cabinets will continue to either disappear for floating shelving or no shelving at all. The demand for clean, clear sight lines and an even great open feel, will continue to rise in 2019.

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